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I just finished a fun series today. watercolors with polar bear characters and Queen lyrics. haha. (ps: as far as I know, this image doesn't show a Queen lyric. it was the first one I made for fun and just wrote that, then I made more while listening to Queen...)

I was obsessively listening to Queen's A Day at the Races and News of the World after visiting my best friend and listening to them at her house. using song lyrics in my paintings is something I've done since high school... I always listen to music while making art.

I'm going to put up sample images on my weebsite (which has a new store) in a minute and maybe even do a little show in the future. including the piece above, there are nine postcard size watercolors.

it's fun to work on art. I keep forgetting to make time for it, but that's so important! for me it's a matter of focusing on one idea at a time.

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