Whale family

What do you do with shirts you still like but don't want to wear anymore?
I decided to make whales.

PS: I am still sourcing fabric for the Cassette Wrapping Fabric. I will put them up for sale here asap; they will be $20 or a little less.


Wrapping Fabric

EDIT: These are no longer available! Sorry

Japanese wrapping fabric, or furoshiki is a reusable fabric for wrapping gifts or everyday items for easier carrying. It has been used in Japan for centuries and is gaining popularity elsewhere because of it's beauty and economy. I love it because it's like origami for fabric.

I love design from the early 60s, and cassettes were introduced in 1963, perfect! Now in the Los Angeles area, I will be printing another group of cassette furoshiki, just in time for gift wrapping needs coming up soon.


Histories of the Future

I finished a series of watercolor and sumi ink paintings with quotes about the future. You know, one of those things I think about, from time to time. There are ten designs which you can see on my portfolio page. These are 9x12 inches, for sale, including postage to places in the USA, for $25. If you live somewhere else, just send me a message and I'll figure out the postage for you. You can buy from my weebsite or just send me an email with the one you want. I hope they will inspire you like all those motivational posters in elementary school did.