This year I've been volunteering when I can in a Sumi-e (Japanese brush painting) class for older adults (most of them are at least 70 years old). This is my first time working with older adults and it's not too much different from working with kids, but they have fantastic stories about their lives. My mentor is the teacher, and because I do Japanese calligraphy and they are similar art forms, she asked for my help. I miss being in a Japanese calligraphy class and struggle to find a quiet time to practice at home once a week or so.
I wanted to share a few of the owl paintings the students made last week (bad phone camera image is all I have now). We put all of them up on the wall and they look fantastic together. This made me want to use them for a design somehow. I think art by people who think they're Not Artists is the best of all. Sometimes I really don't get the work that ends up in galleries and museums.

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