a linchpin is a "pin placed through the end of an axle to keep a wheel in position," or "a person or thing vital an enterprise or organization."
it'a also this rad book by Seth Godin that I got at the library. yes, I love the library.

tonight my mom told me this story she remembers but I have completely forgotten. (that does happen, but it sometimes makes me wonder if my mom is making things up.) it's a story about how I was a young entrepreneur. I was around 12 and after getting bored with my jewelry making business (started at age 10) I had begun babysitting. Supposedly, I wrote an advertisement in sidewalk chalk at the park near our house. my mom said she was horrified when a stranger called to ask me to babysit and she asked how this person knew of me. it was a family with, "a British accent and two kids." totally blocked it out of my memory I guess. I do remember reading a whole lot of The Baby-Sitters Club back then :p

Anyway, about this Linchpin book. I've read very little of it so far and have already recommended it to several people. I love how it connects the education system with "factory worker" and not using your creativity. his main point has been, We NEED YOUR Creativity.

most of my friends are artists and terrible at normal jobs like I am. I'm ready to make my self indispensable for the job I want to create for myself. I'm so over working for someone else. counting on someone else to provide you with a living is ridiculous. I keep trying at this and one of these days it's gonna work out. I recently started tutoring a friend of a housemate. I love it and want to find more Japanese or Korean students who want to improve their English pronunciation and conversation. I got the old version of this book, Focus on Pronunciation 1 - for almost free from Amazon. I used to use it at a school I worked at last year and think it's awesome. my all time favorite real job has been teaching English in Japan (the TESL practicum at a Korean summer camp was also rad for a volunteer job). after doing this... (well, I need to find more students but,) I can't imagine applying for another job. ever.

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