hello! guess what? I joined a (free!) ceramics class near my house! I love it! while I was living in Japan, I was watching the anime and reading the manga "Honey and Clover." I'm a little obsessed. one of the characters is a ceramics major at the art school the story revolves around. I kept thinking it would be fun to try ceramics. I have "tried" ceramics. over 15 years ago I took a class. it was school, with grades and specific projects, it was kinda fun. or meh. I found out about this continuing education program in San Diego that has free classes targeted at 55+ adults, but okay for any adults as long as there's at least 51% "older adults." actually, one of my mentors teaches sumi-e classes and I volunteer/go to one of them to help out. so I looked into the other classes available. there are lots, including free inDesign classes and something cool sounding like data design. one of the campuses is about a mile away, and they have ceramics. yay (good news for carfree me). there are no grades, I can use recycled clay for free, there are projects, but I don't have to do those. I started in the middle of the term and one week I just played. did some creative experimenting and found some cookie cutters. yes. dinosaur cookie cutter. I made the belly part a little wider and stamped a couple cookies. I made the belly into a tiny bowl. this picture shows what happened. they are on the tiny side, but fun anyway. a friend suggested making a mold for bigger ones, so I plan to try it out the next term because we have like one week left to finish up projects. I was looking for pictures online and got really distracted (surprise, ADD will do that) because I found these awesome pictures of a person riding a triceratops and things like that. I read parts of a couple websites showing a lot of old ceramics and other functional arts with dinosaurs! not like skeletons, dinosaurs with pretty detailed fins on the backs of sauropods (just discovered to be true last year), bumpy skin, things like that. the websites both say these items prove humans and dinosaurs were alive at the same time! wow, I think so, but it's kind of crazy. either way, dinosaur art is really fun and I hope to make some more.

PS: I'm going to put a link on the side bar, but I'm an Amazon affiliate, meaning I can earn a little something if you use my link when you buy something on Amazon. if you're planning to get something, it will help me out and it doesn't change your price at all. it's one of the ideas I'm exploring to make a living as an artist. real jobs are kinda hard for me. okay hopefully more sooner than later!

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