"I always remember I'm living something I dreamed of doing. It's still surreal every day. I get paid to hang out with hilarious farmers kids. Today I asked one boy, "What time is it?" His answer? "China." bwahahaha. This kind of thing happens every day. Another kid answers, "It's Tuesday" no matter what we ask. Still another kid is two chapters ahead and can have simple conversations. I think everything will be boring when I come back."

I uploaded my (e)zine No Time for Love to a site called ISSUU. you can read it here or if you prefer the Kindle format, you can get it here. If you have Amazon Prime (even the free trial), you can borrow the Kindle version for free. I thought ISSUU might be a solution for creating a downloadable PDF, but it is still a Word document. I haven't given up. But now you don't need to have Kindle to read it.

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