no time for love

I decided to publish my stories from Japan as an ebook. (see previous posts about how it was too much content and too technically frustrating to publish as a zine.) It's available on Amazon ($5) for Kindle users! I will be creating a PDF version as well once I figure out putting a download button for it here. The PDF version will have the same content (including color photos) but will be free on my blog for non-Kindle-users (or personal friends). I'll have a Paypal donation button for downloads, but I want you to read it if you're interested in what it's like to live in Japan and teach English as a second language. I'll update here when I get details, but the Kindle version will also be available to download for free from time to time on the Amazon site (part of their marketing thing) and if you buy it there, you can "lend" the digital file to friends for free. I think it's up with the pictures working now but I'll do some more checking and you can contact me if something (like pictures) doesn't work.

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