What (I think) stops good artists from producing good work

just something I was thinking about while painting tonight. what do you think?
are they just excuses or valid obstacles to creativity?

people telling us what they think we should do (when it's none of their beeswax)
distracted by coworkers, room mates, and pets
distracted by email, Facebook, and phone calls/texts
perfectionism and clean studios
wasting time on finding the "right" font (or color or whatever)
wasting time on finding the right music to listen to
fighting design programs, operating systems, or a lack of good design freeware
thinking about earning money
thinking about eating
bad posture, ergonomics, and lighting
bad design
bad photos
growing up (caring what other people will think)
no windows
forgetting to take the time for naps, reading good books, and going on long walks
working too much (SEE Stefan Sagmeister's argument for a regular sabbatical)
no social time
marketing our work
not enough coffee
too much coffee
not willing to go without sleep

the last one reminds me of a great quote by a friend's eight year old.

I agree.

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