zinefest and zines and zines

oh hello.

working on the zine about Japan, with an actual deadline in mind this time. October 6th there will be a zinefest in SD. whee, and it's close enough for me to get to by bike!

I don't have inDesign anymore (old computer sadly deceased) so I thought I was going to find a freeware version. but grumble grumble old mac grumble, it would be easier with my Linux machine which is elsewhere now. so working in good ol' Word. it works. (if you have a good word about a nice freeware design program compatable with osx 10.4 let me know.)

I am mostly sure there will be three parts to the story of Japan. the first one just needs the layout and cover designed. working on editing part two and found a fun memory. so many of them... I still miss my students and hope I can visit the 9th graders before they graduate next spring.

from Part 2:

"Today the loud 8th grader who is hilarious said, "Alissa is best my friend!"
When I said Yay! He said "No, Alissa is not best my friend!"
This is why I love my job."

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