hello again

ahem. consistency has never been my strong suit. sorry for the time lapse.

a lot of things changed (again) this spring, and they are continuing to change. that's good I suppose. better than being bored. I can never say my life is boring. little things constantly catch my attention and I'm always curious to learn more about almost any topic I accidentally come across. at least I'm focusing in the career department and finally found something I enjoy but can also make some money at. the challenge has been making time for the other things I enjoy. (currently listening to キリンジ/Kirinji, reading, and exploring.)

I'm now editing some writing I did during the last year about living in Japan and working at a Junior High school. I loved it. looking back at the few experiences which were not 100% good, they were at least funny or positive in a way. naturally, I'm going to focus on the good and funny and put together a zine. possibly 4-5 zines on this topic. possibly just a digital version again. I would enjoy making something tangible. I hope it works out that way. I may need to start my own version of the IPRC here. one of the many things I would love to do someday. anyway, I will hopefully put at least a portion of the first zine here in the next month or so.

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