East Asia 2011

east asia 2011

ただいま/tadaima means "I'm home" or I'm back from going out, in Japanese. a greeting people naturally say when returning. I miss having a space where I feel comfortable to say that and someone to say it to. 
From Hong Kong, US, South Korea and Japan, I wrote about my experiences of not having a permanent home. At the beginning of this story, I moved out of my house in Portland and went to S. Korea to teach English at a summer camp. I stayed there for 6 weeks, then I went to Japan for three weeks. Then I went to Hong Kong for a little over three weeks. It wasn't my first time visiting Asia, but I enjoy learning more about the cultures each time I come here. This is the story of how I ran out of money and went vagabonding anyway. I'm technically homeless for most of the story. I had the idea to stay with family or find a place, probably just temporarily, when I went back to the states.
The place where you sleep is something very personal and private in my mind. I've always been attracted to photos of the interior of someone's home, especially their bedroom and how things are arranged to make a cosy space. I've had my own bedroom in America for around six years and really appreciate the privacy sometimes. Though I realize it can be a luxury to have the space and income to have a private sleeping area in most countries.
now, I live in Japan. it's been a year since I moved out of my friend's house where I rented a room. I didn't have a plan, but that usually works out for me. I'm going to dig through photos and finally share about what I was up to since then. The focus is really on the variety of spaces I stayed in and the frequency of moving home. plus the resulting emotions. it will get posted in pieces, over time, but it all starts with little steps. at least I'm finally starting. 

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