Crazy Monkey Babys

is the name of a Japanese band. 

today I went to a monkey (macaque) park. 
it was kinda cool and I got there in time to witness the intense yam snatching time. there's two big clans of monkeys that show up separately to eat at the zoo area after scavenging in the mountains all day. they wait patiently... then the staff runs through there with a wheelbarrow spilling a path of yams. then the monkeys go for it.
they have cute red buns with little sits bones so they can sit in the trees. I was surprised to learn they're totally not into monogamy. I should have known that before but I was a little disappointed.

the staff had everyone stand with their legs apart and feet touching, making a line. she said if a monkey runs through your legs, it means you'll be lucky with money. one staff won the lottery and a guest won at horse racing after that happened. it happened to me twice! so I'll see if I'm lucky with money soon. maybe I'll have to visit the pachinko soon. just kidding. 

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