Back in Japan: March 2012

40. Moving to Japan... I went to Saitama for training in a space called Genki Plaza. I stayed in a room with five other girls for five nights. I had an idea to find a homestay in Japan but wasn't told where I'd be working until the last minute. When I knew the town I'd be moving to I wasn't able to find an available homestay situation in time because I didn't know anyone there yet. My company set up an apartment for me near my work, but it wasn't available to move into for almost a week. Several of the people I trained with were in the same situation so a hostel in Tokyo was arranged for us.

41. Asakusa Tokyo, Khaosan Hostel. While a new friend and I were signing our apartment contracts the rest of the group checked into the hostel. A number of spots had been reserved by the company for our group, but because of miscommunication, a few extra people showed up there. When we arrived later everyone was confused and there was no space left for us. Luckily that hostel has several locations and there was room at one nearby. It was a tiny room with a bunkbed and only enough room to get into bed.

42. Back in the original hostel. I went back there for the next few nights because it was bigger and everyone else was over there. It was basically vacation before work started but I was just stressed about getting into my apartment and finally settled into my new home and life in Japan.

43. やっと、ただいま!Tadaima! finally. I already blogged about my current place here.

thanks for reading! I'm never moving again. (I wish it were true.)

the end.

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  1. That was awesome! If we spend so much of our lives sleeping, you might as well do so in many different places and then make art out of the experience.


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