finishing things

...I hope. I've been thinking too much about what to do with the writing I did while traveling last summer. it's really time I did something with it. but I'm obviously not strong at finishing things. so maybe you can help motivate me by telling me which format you'd like me to use to "publish" images and writing about moving way too often and thinking about the idea of home.  I have a name and pictures and writing, but it's been sitting for too long.  what do I want tadaima to be? a series of blog posts?  a physical zine with pictures? a graduate thesis with philosophy about home, sleeping in public, and place/space? maybe at some point more than one of these options or something else entirely.  anyway, next month is summer vacation, so I decided to spend it finishing things. I'm going to do a work trade at a hostel in Beppu Kyushu for 4 weeks. in between hiking, swimming, and going to hot springs, I'm going to do something with all these unfinished ideas!


  1. Sometimes a blog is a good way to work through ideas that may ultimately be used for another purpose. At least, that's the theory I'm currently operating under.

  2. i tried to look up where you are on google earth. it was fun. um...blog or a zine would be fun!


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