don't be afraid

I'm sorting through some things I had boxed up while I went out of town (I'm back).
I found a short list I made in response to something I read about how it's good to admit your fears. in order to get over them? I don't remember details now.

so these are the three things I'm afraid of and my response to negate them:

1.I'm afraid to end up like my parents or being like everyone else. (I'm different already)

2.I'm afraid of wasting time pursuing something that has no benefit. (I can learn from everything)

3.I'm afraid of getting so busy doing something I don't care about that I neglect friends or forget what is important to me. (remind myself of goals often)

I had forgotten all about these fears. I guess doing this exercise worked?
I've noticed that recently I've been better about living in the now, focusing on my goals, and taking the small steps to accomplish things that seemed to overwhelm me before. its becoming natural to break things down into small tasks that are too easy to not do.

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