I am currently procrastinating about studying for a midterm, and as I've been thinking about consignments a lot today, thought I'd share. currently I make things and bring them to a few places to sell for me. I don't like the selling part so that's a good deal for me. though it's been challenging find shops that are run by creative businesspeople that I want to work with. right now I have some prints, cards, and hankies consigned at Knack, tender loving empire, Grass Hut, and Mag-Big in Portland. as of yesterday I don't have anything at Pony Club anymore, though I may bring new things over soon. and Nancy in Seattle just closed! so just Portlander shops now. which suits me as it's easier to check in with them and bring them new work. I'm attempting to only consign at places that keep track of things and actually pay me. because making things is my job.

okay, the important stuff: I just unearthed some oooold (three years = ancient history) prints that I thought were totally sold out! they had been hidden over at Pony Club and are now safe on a clothesline at Grass Hut! if you were hoping to catch one of these super limited edition Polar bear prints (one left!) or the forest print last (3) copies in existence, then get your buns over to the Hut!

ps: kung hei fat choy!

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