one week into the new year

what has changed?
is it better already?

I'm happy to have a tiny bit of schedule in my life, for the first time in a while. I love my class! (although right now I should be doing the hundreds of pages of reading I have for next week.)
it's Chinese Buddhist Art and it's my first ever graduate level class. I'm into it because we are mostly going over sculpture (today I was telling my teacher about the Giant Buddha I saw in HK) but including architecture, paintings, and block prints.

it might be too easy to immerse myself in this class as well as studying Japanese because those are my primary goals for now, but I want to make time for making art. after all, that is my job. I've been thinking about how I love my job of making things and consigning them in local shops. I do need to pay for my class though... so that means I have to make (& sell) a lot of art this year.

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