floating dragon house

finally finished my painting for Float On, which took longer than expected. it was one of those things where I didn't want to start working on it but once I did it went fine for about an hour. I think an hour is my limit for paying attention. and so that happened maybe 5-6 times. starting really is the hardest part for me.

and... otherwise, end of the year wanting to wrap up everything (not literally - I mean finish) and get organized. somehow I think I'm in the middle of a few books at least, plus a magazine... but I'm finishing off the ebooks that I downloaded this year and haven't read yet.
plus trying to figure out last minute school details and a temp job or a normal job to pay for classes.
the big update is: I'm going for a master's in East Asian Studies instead of Art again. because I wanted to use my interest in Japanese language and take Asian Studies classes anyway. that didn't really fit in with electives for an MFA, plus it was really more of the same that I did for my bachelor's. also known as: 'still-don't-have-a-real-job.' which is probably a good thing, I think I'm allergic to jobs. working on some creative bizness idea things as usual.

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