goal setting

just downloaded F.lux... adjusts your monitor's colour temperature according to the time of day. I like this idea.
yes, my computer is keeping me up too late.
yes I have things to do. but my computer is probably distracting me from those things.

I have just set a goal to save $3000 (at least) in the next two months.
those funds will be used (with a matching contribution from my current savings) for traveling for up to nine months starting in September. I was thinking that I would need around $1000 a month at first, then I remembered that I don't spend that much here. so I won't spend that much in places that are comparable or less expensive.
this is not including what I'd spend on airfare... but that's another story:

currently reading Frequent Flyer Master to boost my knowledge of using mileage awards and getting low airfare.
current skymiles: 24K+

ready set go.

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