...where to start...

hello, it's been a while.

I'm making a bike zine about why riding bikes is awesome. each submission should have an image and the phrase, "This is my version of _____" (fill in the blank with: commuting, going to the gym, fuel efficiency, etc.) let me know if you want to contribute something & didn't already get details. I'm hoping to have the zine done for pedalpalooza in Portland, so the submissions are due by 1st June, which is really soon. I'm not sure what to call it - any ideas?

in Hong Kong, a couple artist friends & I did zine workshops in february and started a little collective called Handroll about the subcultures happening in Hong Kong & Portland. (after the bike zine the next project is going to be about the lucky names of Chinese restaurants.)

and, I finally updated my website. you can check it out here. there is also a blog there and just one post that's about the rad stickers I had made in HK.

that's it for now. more later.

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