not joining facebook

why did I think getting a job was a good idea?
I told lindsey that I learned my lesson & it won't happen again.
at least it's only temporary.
it's good to learn from your mistakes, right?

this is the kick in the ass I needed to really work on my priorities.
my priorities do not include working for someone else.

earning a living from being a creative type is a process...
more on that later.
the day job starts at way-too-early am.

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  1. definitely don't get married. i recently put the kibosh on my own and it was the best decision i've made in years. admirable list you have here.. I couldn't tell and haven't been keeping up, but was wondering if you're still in china? Working there? I ask because I'm planning to travel to China.. Let me know! joshpopenyc[ at ]gmail.com / aim: josh1492p / i'd post my phone number if I thought bots wouldn't pick it up, so if you want it just send me an email and I'll let you know.


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