I heart weekend

that's what happens when you have a day job...
it was fun to finish projects & see friends.
this morning I woke up & immediately wrote a letter to a friend, which is kind of unusual for me. maybe I'll put it up here later.

it was a good sunday. I worked on repotting some plants but didn't finish up because michelle & bela & I went on an adventure to the gorge instead. it was so nice out, but we sort of went too far & ended up exploring in the snow. it was beautiful & fun even though we had our summer shoes on and our feet got wet.

it's been working well for me to write down 2-3 things that I'd like to accomplish each day.
things that won't take two weeks to do.
tasks that are too easy to not do.
things that I'd get distracted from and not do otherwise.

I didn't make it to the library... but that gives me another day to try to finish "how we decide" by jonah lehrer
I found it at the airport Powell's a couple months ago & read the intro. the library has it, but everyone else wants to read it as well, so I can't renew it.
it's super interesting - I'm often reading and thinking 'whaaat!?' at first I thought it was something about making smart decisions, being logical, etc. nah, it's about neuroscience. and how the emotional thoughts work together with the logical thoughts to make decisions.
I hope I can finish it up tomorrow!

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