some more zines

some examples of the lovely zine from the second workshop in fu tak building with the theme of 'people's day.' from what I understand it's the seventh day of the Chinese new year which is something like everybody's birthday. the students incorporated the prints they made into their pages & the results were really amazing and fun to see.
P.S. you can click on any of these to see a larger version.

the day before I left was the workshop at the St. James settlement. their theme was 'buildings and trees' (more songs about buildings & food?) because of their current project - ceramic buildings with plants growing from the top. they've been learning about green roofs.
the cover was a collaboration where one of the workers painted over everything except the green area in a photo, then the students took turns adding the scene.

the right side of this one is a Super Mario Brothers house or something like that. a worker was asking the student about his drawing, specifically the 'M' and 'L' on the characters, and didn't quite understand what was going on. then I asked if it was from a game and the student enthusiastically nodded his head. at the bottom, the 'MAIRO' is red & the 'LUGI' is green. so I guessed it was 'Mario & Luigi,' then saw the green spotted egg at the top, and asked if it was Yoshi's room. I win!

amazing hand drawn typography!

love the kitties & trams!

the left side is mine, a visual interpretation from a conversation I had with my friend's son.

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