today I stuffed little red packets with valentine's candy for new year's. because Chinese new year's is on valentine's day this year so it seemed to be the appropriate type of candy.
fairly soon I'm heading over to Hong Kong and I'm super excited. it will be amazing to experience the new year over there. it's gonna be a tiger year. I think that means we'll fight to be able to work at what we love. we'll be unpredictable. and helpful.
speaking of helpful, I get to stay in a flat in Wan Chai, next door to Klubb studio, where I'm teaching some zine workshops. thanks to a residency called Art & Culture Outreach 藝鴶 & Dawei Charitable Foundation Limited 達微慈善基金有限公司 (which largely supports the operation of ACO). I'm so curious about how Hong Kong people will respond to the idea of creating something not for profit or with an intention to market something. I hope to participate in many other mini projects/collaborations there.

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  1. RAD, ALISSA! I'm so happy for you!


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