friday the 14th

why is friday the 13th bad again? there are all these things about american culture that it seems no one questions. but no one really knows where it comes from.

friday night is my opening/zine release at Nancy in Seattle from 6-9. i'll be there and will give you a high five if you ride a bike there. or if you didn't i'll still be nice to you. i'm driving because i'm coming from portland and bringing lots of fun awesome stuff. like the beach. duh.
i have been preparing by listening to a lot of chinese r&b and hip hop. as well as thai music from the 60s. rad.

oh yeah so i have this contest idea: it's kind of what we did as kids with hard boiled eggs or like a pencil fight but with coconuts. but do you think they'll break? maybe we'll have to open them by smashing them onto the pavement.