so I like tea...
sometimes I feel like I have so much stuff & feel the need to somehow document it. maybe I'll document all my possessions one day, but today I started with tea, because recently I've acquired even more neat tea. average days I'll drink at least a few cups of tea. I like other beverages also.
to be honest I don't have a lot of stuff. but I prolly have more tea & hello kitty things than the average person. I'll save hello kitty for another day.

here's the looseleaf. they are: nettle, jasmine pearls, licorice, roiboos chai, lemon balm, herba matte, 'good morning,' spearmint & chamomile from my garden, and white earl grey. plus I always have fresh ginger on hand that I use for tea & cooking.

then there's the kind of tea that comes from the asian markets. mmmm.
there's this funny bullion cube type that I got in astragali and 'gan mao char' which is also herbal (I call it mao cha), looseleaf jasmine green tea, thai 'poop tea' that helps when I eat bread, gingko green teabags, bags of loose cleansing/detox type tea with only chinese writing, tongue depressors of astragali root (huong qi), then cane & imperatae which is basically packets of sugar.

and then boring teabags. mostly for on the go.
peppermint, jasmine, licorice, ginger, chamomile, and 'good eyes' which is from an asian market also I'm sure.
that's all! so come over and have some tea anytime.
oh. or some Stumptown coffee? I have that as well.