in autumn

i still haven't finished the roll of film that i was using when we took this last minute field trip to the pumpkin patch.

for some reason i started writing about what was happening while on my last road trip. but then i stopped. maybe the second half was just more beautiful sunsets and walking and relaxing. this is what i wrote about the first half:
tonight we talked to a sushi chef after eating - he told us he was teaching his 7yr old son japanese & he would study his homework to learn english better.
(we listened to neil young)
i dreamed about daniel johnston working as a fancy grocery store clerk. i would stop there so i got to hear any random comments he would announce to the store.
& then we drove to canada.
i rode a bike in country #5
after eating yummy inexpensive pizza, i noticed one of the employees had gone next door to a produce market for ingredients. i thought about how awesome that was & how that wouldn't ever happen at a chain in the states.