tour de glace

phew! just under a week ago the ice cream zine was completed in time for the zine exchange. there's a very small quantity of zines available at this time. check grass hut if you're in portland - they're rad! and hopefully i'll get a few sent over to nancy in seattle soon. or send me a note right quick and i can get you one where you're at.
it was a super-duper fun project to work on thanks to the radness of the contributors.
in fact they're so rad this is who they are:
reiko (or lakin the kiiiiiii) who is one of my most favouritest artists & musicians.
miss laura cat local artist & musician.
beatrix pang hong kong artist & good friend.
awesome photographer carmen
ack! is a drool-face
justin 'scrappers' morrison, my mentor of sorts at the grass hut; a brand new father.
awesome soon to be graduated, married, and moved to portland artist will who somehow found time to make an original piece.
patricia is a rad screen printer from brasil
& patrick is a rad artist from italia
noah animator friend
the ashley of awesomeness
& this guy isaac who i don't even know!