ic chat

Joseph: my brain feels like I got it in a full nelson
Alissa: just half nelson for me
Annie: i am in a double nelson
Alissa: hah
Joseph is trying to picture that?!?!
Alissa: nate must have willie nelson
Joseph: hahaha
Joseph: gee willies
Nathan: whatchoo talkin about Willie!?
Annie: box car willie
Alissa: hah..there's a hot chip song i was referencing there. with the presupposition that no one would get it.
Nathan: I like Hot Chips with Cheese
Nathan: and Salsa
Nathan: but I've never heard of the band
Alissa: hot chip is actually an ice cream flavour
Alissa: in my imagination
Nathan: hmm
Alissa: but nachos sounds good as well
Nathan: like cinnamon and chocolate?
Alissa: like cinnamon hots?
Alissa: or something like that
Nathan: that would be good
Joseph: you should call ben and jerry right away
Joseph: this is serious
Alissa: oh man...i don't like american ice cream much
Alissa: but yeah...do you have their number. it would be cool if the band could help market that
Nathan: I think if I was going to make an ice cream flavor I'd have to make sure that there was a good chocolate, peanuts, and banana
Nathan: but with some hot fudge
Alissa: banana split ice cream
Alissa: i was thinking about that the other day..it must exist
Nathan: no
Nathan: it's not the same
Nathan: they have it
Nathan: but it's not the same
Alissa: too much banana?
Alissa: oh some whipped cream in there
Nathan: well, the texture is the key
Alissa: it always is
Nathan: and i'm not sure you could do it well and then package it and sell it
Nathan: it would need to be fresh
Joseph: I do not have a number... Jerry has a restraining order out against me
Alissa: did you suggest the veggie curry ice cream with nan cone flavour?
Nathan vomits in his mouth
Annie: that would have done it
Alissa: oops sorry
Joseph: oh god let out man don't suffer thought it alone!
Alissa: i thought that might be good..but not for everyone of course. i love spicy.
Alissa: i want to try white pepper ice cream
Joseph: that sounds interesting

**the zine is almost done!!**