swoop swoop, rock rock

i've been interested in business for a while now and am finally learning more about how business works. and how it doesn't work. i hope as a tiny business owner, to run the business responsibly, as in sustainably. i like to make things, but i don't like to buy things, so that helps. whenever possible i use & print on materials that would otherwise be thrown out or recycled. i've been doing that since i started arting.
it's been awesome to intern at grass hut, and i've already learned a lot from justin, he uses old house paint on scrap wood for his work. it's also inspiring to be in such a creative environment.
i recently made a friend who just moved here from hong kong and was amazed at how resourceful portland is compared with what she had heard about the states. it really is different here.
i just found that the documentary the corporation is online for viewing - it's amazing. it shows that current corporations can be compared with psychopaths. watch it.
happy autumn. the times they are a'changin'


  1. my photo teacher just told us about that movie yesterday. can't wait to watch it!

  2. so glad you are pursuing your interests... thanks for hanging out the other day. The kids love having company!!! By the way, those chocolates are almost gone- yikes!

  3. "When are you gonna quit your job, so you can really start working"? Clyde Rivers


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