this thursday evening at the IPRC there is an opening for the cycleseen show which i have four of my prints in (one shown above). there are lots of other openings happening because it's first thursday, and there are lots of other places that are showing cycleseen art this month, because it's bicycle month in portland. (yay pedalpalooza!)
also the above print/mail art is in the carfree traveling postcard show starting later this month at city hall.
there are so many rad events happening this month...and i haven't even looked at the full calendar yet. park to park, the stencil ride, the gelato ride, and mini bike life drawing sound awesome. i didn't participate in much last year so i'm going to try to make it to a lot more of the events this time. it just happens to be at the same time i'll have family in town so i'll see if any of my enthusiasm rubs off on them.


  1. what's the stencil ride? is it like a scavenger hunt?

  2. one hint about my blogs...if i write anything there are usually hidden nuggets of goodness. click on "pedalpalooza" for the calendar!

  3. oh i thought pedalpalooza was like a music festival for bike lovers. haha. or film festival. is there another palooza i'm thinking of?


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