easter (a third day of sorts)

(this is only up to around 2pm...so much happened.)

after the bad spellers show we all went out for food & drinks.
we decided to hang out the next day. darla & i caught the last
train home, then ayumi and i stayed up way too late talking.

darla & i took a detour through the imperial gardens then rode
bikes at the palace where they close off the street on sundays.

we were late meeting the kids at the station but they had just
arrived also! perfect. after aleks and janita were wearing
allergy masks at the show i was already starting to think they
were cool. then yasuko was wearing one.

yoichi hung out with us - he did the illustration for the
bad spellers CD.

reiko (lakin from kiiiiiii) was at one of her art shows that
we went to. she was so fun!

yoichi tries to translate reiko's strange stories at the
other gallery.


  1. Wow, it's like a "My Vacation" slide show, but way more fun!

  2. oh yay!
    i neeed to work on mine, and now it's 3 on the 3rd...augh comics!
    it looks soo good!!!

  3. thanks, it was a fun day. and i finally got watercolor markers - yay!


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