year of the rad

normally i wouldn't do this but sunday was almost the perfect day. it was sunny and not quite warm enough to go out sans coat. i stopped by flavour. (the waffle cart near my house) and got a veggie sausage & maple waffle. mmm. nicole and missi had recommended it and i hadn't gone because for the longest time i thought they just had coffee. it's amazing how many varieties of waffles they serve out of the tiny cart.

then i went to the library to pick up a comic and cd and found i heart huckabees so i got that as well. it's been a while since i've seen it. our libraries kick ass.

then up to the japanese garden for o-shogatsu (new year) events. they had kakizome (the first time writing calligraphy characters for the new year) and a little demo. it was like performance art - they write over huge sheets of paper. it's a rad art form - in japan they take their calligraphy more seriously than painting.

i had never tried it before. i was excited to test it out; carefully inking the lines in the correct order. i wrote "o-shogatsu" and "spring is coming" which is something my ikebana sensei used to say - referring to the budding branches we used for arrangements this time of year.
then i did the usual biffling about the garden and praying.

i wanted to ask bwanana about his friends in japan so i went to grass hut, but i forgot he has a show at GRNY so he's in new york! but i talked to justin about the new zine he's working on (pencil fight 4/old growth/hybrid grass hut zine), saw alicia's photo show, and got souther's new book. yay!

beeped into reading frenzy to pick up my dollars and extras and got another copy of on subbing for my sister. now that lando's in school and they're moving to oregon (ps: they sold their house!!) i thought she'd be interested in what classes in portland are like. and dave's stories are hilarious.

upstairs at the iprc i got the zines stapled, did some drawing and photoshopping, and printed out transparencies for some fun screenprinting this week. (photos later) yay! i didn't even have to cut paper. (or use my AK) today was a good day. hehe.



  1. oh man, it sounds like so much fun! and a link to the library too?!! hehe. i like souther's cats. and i'd never seen his stuff before, so that's fun.

    hey, i wish we were hanging out right now!!

  2. aw, i wish we were hanging out as well...prolly in a couple days yeah?

    & i'll show you some of souther's zines.

  3. i am now terribly craving waffles.

  4. what a great time!


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