overheard conversations

after a while i noticed that charlie from panther was seated
at a table near the one i found for myself in the cafe. then
e-rock joined him and the sound guy from AIH came over to
tell them about how the band's driver had said something
about them being german.
"the band is from austrailia, you know, the only thing i can
think of is that he thinks we're austrian and doesn't
know the difference."
i'm just glad i was facing the other way so they couldn't see
me laughing to myself. the sound guy was actually really nice.
we talked during the show and he gave me earplugs. i didn't
mention that i had heard this conversation earlier.


  1. man, they come around a lot, don't they?

  2. in the last year or so it has been frequent. according to them it will be a few years until the next time.


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