This year, I've wanted to become an ESL teacher in Japan (or Korea or Hong Kong), an ESL teacher in America, an illustrator, an explorer, an architectural designer, an artist in residence-ist, a painter, a real estate investor, and most recently a real estate agent. (it makes me sound like I really am eight years old)
By the way, last year I wanted to get a masters in Asian studies, be a blogger, a graphic designer, and an ESL teacher. What's wrong with me! I change my mind often? I'm curious about everything?  I like professions starting with vowels? okay enough. 
I keep telling myself to stick with one thing long enough to get really good at it. Mister Bwana Spoons gave me the best advice when he said the only reason he could make it as a painter is he didn't give up like everyone else. I think I should just use the list of what I want to be that I wrote when I was six or so. There were four things:
painter, story writer, plant grower, and mother.
I've been painting forever (not that I've become good at it) so I still want to do that. For about three years I've been studying Japanese calligraphy which is super fun and challenging. okay next.
And story writer is... child speak for cartoonist, zinester, blogger, author, emailer of funny things that happened, and old school letter writer? sure. I've always been into reading and writing. (more the short things. with pictures.)
Plant grower. hmmm.  right now I live in a freezing apartment and can only grow things that will grow no matter what (like mint... and possibly mold) and succulents. Having a lot of houseplants and a garden always sounds nice. okay... last.
Mother? me? um. I dunno. maybe but I could go either way with this one. I might settle for a boyfriend and a cat or two. I like being an aunt. I work with kids so having one at home doesn't sound fun. I'll just say not any time soon.
In conclusion, I'm just super curious and want to try and do lots and lots of things. I'm an artist who likes Japanese stuff and working with junior high school students. (and writing letters and houseplants) I like houses so I see an opportunity in real estate investing. I don't like working for someone else and don't want my income limited by how many hours I can work. These are the kind of things I think about. and I'll figure it out later. I hate to be rushed. 


  1. I want to be a million things too! But mostly, I just don't want to get stuck doing one thing.

  2. yes. that. monotony is awful. you're an explorer story writer community researcher. sounds fun and challenging.


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