I have many ideas for zines or collections every day, and while I'd like to collect security envelope designs or make a zine with drawings of all the food I buy, I probably won't.

I'm a chronic not-finisher.

in some cases this is known as "procrastination" or "perfectionism."   I prefer to label it "too many ideas to physically realize."
so... I'm working on finishing some of my favorite ideas to free up more idea space. this means the things I'm finishing will out of date, incomplete, and most likely half-assed. just my style.

zine idea #1 that I constantly want to finish: ただいま. about one year old/in process. about: HOME, vagabonding/being homeless, sleeping in public, traveling in Asia, couchsurfing, and too many other awesome keywords to mention. coming soon. planned deadline: August 25th. (though data collection will be ongoing.)

ps: shout out to my blog homies - thanks for the affirmations about format. I chose blog for now so anyone can read it for free. if I go to school I might do the thesis version. that could be fun. 

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  1. I like the idea of "working on finishing ideas to free up more idea space." I don't know if I will get around to it myself. But I like it!


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