I really like a group of the second year middle school boys at my school because they are interested in studying English and super friendly. almost every day outside of class they will quiz me on their names, while covering up the name tags they wear. this is funny because my reading ability in Japanese is like an eight year old at best. 
oh, by the way, this group of guys is on the basketball team. I played basketball in middle school. not that I'm good at it. but after they invited me to throw a few shots at their practice today, they were impressed. I was in the gym to visit the girls playing badminton, but these guys were like, "yo, arisa, over here. "
in one class with a few of these students in it, we practiced a simple dialog that included, "Good idea!" one of the students randomly said it to me in class, so I pointed to a correct answer on his worksheet and repeated, "good idea!"

another student had a bandage on the end of his finger so I asked what happened. he thought for a second and then just answered in Japanese. I didn't understand, but said, "Oh, I see." (also from that day's dialog.) then laughed and said I didn't understand. he explained in simpler Japanese so I got it. a papercut. so I said, "Ouch." everyone thought this word sounded really funny. so of course I explained it means something hurts. 
I think this kind of thing really helps the students be interested in trying to use the words and phrases they're learning. I'm happy to be here so they have someone to harass with their undeveloped English. I get to have funny Engrish conversations every day.

PS I will probably update flickr more than here because the no images part is sad.

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