you can see cute trains and cute rice fields near where I live here. as far as I know there isn't an easy way to post images in my blog from my phone. I'll upload them to flickr though.
there are a couple long weekends coming up but I don't get paid for a while. I'll probably stay in town to explore, do cleaning, and write letters. and maybe figure out this posting pictures business. at least I can actually blog. one of my ... not sure what to call her ... work friends. yeah that. said she's setting up a blog for us English teachers. I don't know if it exists yet but I'll find out! so I will most likely use that to tell funny stories about how adorable my students are.

today it was so nice out that one student fell asleep during a break and didn't come into the classroom after the bell rang. the students were giggling and the teacher got self conscious asking them if her hair looked bad or something. they wouldn't tell her why they were laughing. later she said, oh is he absent today? and they started laughing again. then she noticed him outside. he normally sleeps through class anyway so not much of a difference.
I help with one special ed. class a week and I love it. mostly because there are maybe three students instead of 35. and my school has small classes. I think one boy has ADD, one girl is really sweet and has Down's syndrome but is really functional, and I don't know why the other girl is in that class. anyway, they all attend normal classes as well so it must be a really different system from in America. not sure if the kids are more independent because they function well or if they function well because of the system integrating them more.

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