finally worked on the basement more so this old cupboard could be moved upstairs and used as a bookshelf. so the living room also got rearranged and it will work well as a study area.

and today when i was about to go to the post office to send a package to あゆみ (and thinking about how much i missed staying with her there) the mail came and i had a big package from トニーと靖子!lots of fun handmade things and candy and woodblock printed oragami papers. such a treat. the candy called チョコボール is really tasty even though i didn't expect to like it. it's banana with chocolate inside. and there is also a banana flavour whistle gum. wacky! i'm trying not to eat sweets but it's fun to try new things.

白い馬すきです! she has cute feet, ね?.


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