what i do at work:
(2:06 PM) Scott Candey: I have return with tales from beyond the moon
(2:06 PM) Alissa Johnson: ready go
(2:06 PM) Alissa Johnson: i mean tell us
(2:07 PM) Scott Candey: upon passing the dark side of the moon you begin to notice faint streaks interrupting the blackness of space
(2:08 PM) Scott Candey: as you hurdle farther into this blackness, these streaks become more apparently tentacles
(2:09 PM) Jason Schepers: ok, off to lunch for me
(2:09 PM) Shonna Crowder: ok
(2:11 PM) Scott Candey: these tentacles stretch for days on end, even traveling at such speeds as space travel requires, it was to my shock and mild amusement to realize as I neared the base of the tentacles that it was in fact an obstacle on a galactic miniature golf course and nothing more diabolical than that
(2:12 PM) Scott Candey: then my lunch ended and I had to come back and answer questions about page size
(2:12 PM) Nathan Stenberg: whoa...deja vu
(2:13 PM) Scott Candey: was that sufficient Alissa?
(2:15 PM) Scott Candey: unfortunately that journey distracted me from the more pressing demand of destroying the car in front of my house
(2:16 PM) Shonna Crowder: I thought maybe you were getting to the car being sent into space
(2:16 PM) Scott Candey: if I thought I was going to have to actually come up with a story I might have
(2:16 PM) Scott Candey: but I just figured everyone would ignore it
(2:17 PM) Shonna Crowder: I was waiting for you to get off your call to get more
(2:18 PM) Scott Candey: so what you are saying is that my story sucked
(2:19 PM) Alissa Johnson: i thought it was a nice tale. sort of like a haiku, short, with a suprize ending.
(2:19 PM) Alissa Johnson: oh, and in three parts
(2:20 PM) Scott Candey: it was improvised
(2:22 PM) Alissa Johnson: galactic golf should become a part of our current culture.
(2:24 PM) Shonna Crowder: there is glow in the dark golf at Vancouver Mall


  1. i am jealous beyond words

  2. It sounds a lot like what I do at work! (Only less on space and more on Def Leppard.)

  3. we're not exclusively sci-fi at all. this morning we were quoting guns n roses to welcome our boss when he arrived.


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