today after seeing around 50 people i hadn't seen in about five years, i got to see lindsay, one of my very best friends. lindsay is one of those friends who i never talk to but when we see each other it's like we hung out yesterday and will be seeing each other again tomorrow. this kind of friend is rare. to us it's normal that she's emailed me maybe twice and i've sent her a couple postcards since her wedding over four years ago, that she probably won't call me unless ryan's work moves them to oregon or she gets pregnant, and the last time she called it was to tell me she was getting married and i was in the wedding. we have this bizarre understanding/esp communication thing. like twins or something. we hope that they will end up in oregon, along with our best friend rachel, like a friend transplant. plus my brother and his family will be moving to oregon after their house sells. i knew that was destined to happen but was still so excited when they told me. best suprise ever - it may have been the first time i have ever been physically excited about something.


  1. There is no way to read past posts in your blog. Can you fix this?

  2. Yay! You fixed it!

    Your other friend Lindsay spells her name wrong. WRONG I TELL YOU

  3. well...she would say the same about your name. so you must both be right.


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