i love everything about this.
the photos are awesome.
it makes me want to make a movie or a documentary of people celebrating glad-to-be-an-adult moments.
souther is inspiring like that.
i also love this. maybe because i can relate, in a blowing-off-the-right-way and making-up-the-rules-as-i-go sort of way.
saelee tends to blog things i can relate to.
entirely unrelated...i did not go to blonde redhead tonight. i sort of knew i wouldn't go. because i didn't remember to bring earplugs, clear out my digital camera for more space, or make a mix cd for them. (i've been bringing mixes for touring bands when i go to shows - really well received so far.) i should have gotten a ticket in advance. but maybe i'm getting tired of shows in crowded places that cost too much. a show with a great band that only has five fans in your city playing at a small club or someone's basement for five bucks will win every time.

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  1. WOW! I sincerely forgot just how awesome Miranda July really is. Her website makes me want to get in deeper and deeper.


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