so far this year has been fairly productive. while the internet was down and i couldn't work i discovered a secret land near my house. there were frozen ponds that reminded me of the ponds to different worlds in the narnia books. one of the worlds was a beach on the river that i like to call badlands beach because it was deserted out there. sort of like a futuristic but old fashioned at the same time ghost town. even though it feels somewhat destructive, i like to crack the thin ice, because i like the way it sounds.

i finished the first herd of screen printed giraffe pillows. i don't know what i'll do with them, but i want to make more, when i get more fabric to print on.
today i worked in the yard because it was sunny and warm out. i think it was 40 degrees. i'm almost done cleaning out the basement and i've been trying to reuse all these cupboard doors that somehow must have been in my tiny kitchen at some point. i'll make a couple boxes for the garden with some of them. then i moved everything out of my room and reorganized it. my office is now in my closet so i can use my space heater and stay warm while i'm working - without heating the whole house. and also because i was planning to finish painting the office but i'm too afraid of heights to paint the tall part from a ladder. the computer desk my work provided doesn't fit in my room (as in through the door) so i'll see how it works out deskless tomorrow. if everything we use for work wasn't windows based i would just try to use my laptop.

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