yeeha! it's coooooold out.

please please please if you live in portland-ish, stop by the artistery this friday evening and buy some art! it's in se portland - 4315 se division street to be exact. i even looked up the address for you so please come. myself and several others will be selling paintings and such and anything that doesn't sell is going straight to the bonfire to keep us warm. sheesh it's cold. i'm serious. we're setting our art on fire. come and buy it and instead we can stay inside where it's warm. i am so willing to trade art as well, if you're broke and creative. plus the art's gonna be like five bucks so you can either afford it or come just to watch us burn our art. i'll have some old paintings i'm sick of storing and some new stuff.


  1. Okay, okay! Fine. I will.

  2. This is soooo pretty.


  3. thanks for stopping by! it was fun and i only got to burn one of my paintings because the rest were all sold! wow. now i need to get back to work.


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