today i cataloged many photos of clouds that i didn't take. (the one above is mine) i had the perfect soundtrack of last year's mixchange mix about clouds or sun or the sky or something like that. the photos were named things like, "marmalade dream," "cloud crowd," and "longtime sunshine." and simply tagged with things like, "sky, blue, cumulus, cloud, sunset..."
then, with a little help from my friends, i moved a fridge in my volvo to my new house. what a day indeed.


  1. Speaking of your mixes and the Beatles, I became a total fan of "I Will" thanks to your mix, and I was thinking about that today as I was listening to a cd I had made using that song.

    So thanks.

    -your beatle-deprived friend

  2. clouds taste metallic

  3. d: ha! i just realized now (a week later) what you meant by speaking of the beatles. i didn't get my own reference...

    p: indeed. my favourite part about the album art is where it says, "these clouds are real!!" on the back.


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