every year i feel the need to do something meaningful with the extra hour we get for daylight savings. every year i either forget or don't do anything super great. this year i got this idea at about 4:51 on friday afternoon to make a video called "49 hours" about the weekend of the daylight savings holiday. i was going to do a stop motion documentation of everything i did. but then i realized that as usual i hadn't planned ahead and didn't know how to use the timer on my camera. plus i couldn't figure out how that would be an interesting video if i was the only one working on it. so i did some drawing and watched the office (brittish) instead. currently time warping, i decided to document what i did for the hour in a blog.
1. laughed quite a bit at this. my favourites are "sunuupii" of course, chibu maruku-chan, little gumba and "donald (macdonald)"
2. wrote above.
3. looked for the episode of pete and pete called "time tunnell" on youtube unsucessfully...found this instead.
4. now that the artwork for my mix is finished (as of 37 minutes ago), i thought i'd work on getting things ready to send them out next weekend. and get off the internet. although i will also post the mix on multiply later this week or something.


  1. don't you have the Vhs P&Ps?

  2. yes but i don't have a tv/vcr. and you weren't here to watch it on dvd with me.


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