xea told us about how when she played baseball in PE she'd get really embarrased if she did something wrong. then i told them i got hit in the head with the ball a lot. then michelle laughed and said, "you both haven't changed at all. xea's a perfectionist and alissa isn't paying attention." then we all cringe-laughed at the truth in that.

whenever i think i've changed since i was younger i realize i haven't changed much at all. i even wear the same sort of clothes/colours my mum dressed me in as a toddler and like much of the same music, books, toys, movies, etc.

like these toys from muji that i'm considering getting. not so much for my neice and nephew, but maybe for myself. maybe i shouldn't buy a house. i wish everyone could make a living doing what is play for them...

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  1. I also used to get hit on the head with the ball a lot, for the same reason.

    Hooray for daydreaming!


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