things i like:

listening to vince guaraldi trio's charlie brown christmas on june 25th because it's about 100 degrees out.
trying to make kim chee
listening to echo and the bunnymen because it's like an 80s mix between bowie and steve malkmus.
getting rad encouraging letters - with prophetic dreams - bonus!
living by myself. for now... since i'm rarely home it's nice to have no distractions when i am. except that i'm friends with my neighbours so it's like having quasi room mates.
good shows coming up...
having a digital camera!! (don't get me wrong - i'm not about to forsake lomography)
having the internet at home (maybe tomorrow) so i can start doing more photo/video stuff.
being done with my mix and already working on the next one...
but not so much the way too tedious making handmade covers. don't quote me on this, but, "i'm never doing that again."


  1. Is "skating" on that V.Gauraldi soundtrack. One of the world's most perfect songs.

  2. yeah, that song's amazing. it's one of the many would-have-been on the mixchange 5b but i didn't own it yet. can you play it?


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