we can be history

in case you didn't check banana strawberry, you'd better! check out deerhoof's awesome awesome awesome ep download with covers and live songs. i won't ruin the suprize, listen yourselves. i keep thinking about recreating their show with the live versions of their songs that i have. and maybe a recreation of all the songs from the whole show, if i could remember all the songs in the right order.

and i'll be really sad if my housewarming party (or something like that) shortly after i get a house doesn't include listening to zaireka (been wanting to do that forever) in a flaming lips inspired room with video being projected onto giant white balloons and/or those chinese lanterns.

plus, i found out danielson familie is playing tonight! can i go three days without going to an awesome show this week? sheesh, it really is tour season.


  1. the opening song of the lips show can be viewed at www.vimeo.com

    search for patsevc

  2. OOOh! I want to get in on that housewarming action, especially if there's balloons. The dollar store on Hawthorne is very nice about helium balloons... Iwould recommend picking some up there.


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