the last week has been full of adventure. and that sort of sick feeling i get from not sleeping.
thursday night i saw archetecture in helsinki which was fun! before the second band started a guy was walking down the stairs i was sitting on and missed the first step, spilling his beer on me. he apologized profusely, got me a million napkins and offered to buy me a beer (no thanks.) it didn't really phase me although i smelled like a giant piece of beer and kept thinking they should serve beer in sippy cups. see how cool you look drinking now...

sunday was the much anticipated deerhoof-malkmus-lips concert. despite all the smokers and dust and tall people it was lots of fun. when i got home i smelled like a smoke machine. my favourite was the giant confetti filled mango balloon that was something like 3 metres across and how it escaped and wafted around until wayne popped it. the big white balloons were also rad - some of them ended up with drawings of a t-rex or something on them. they reminded me of the balloons with film being projected onto them in the movie lost in translation. their show might inspire a room when i get a house... all orange and pink and white...

last night i was irresponsible and stayed up all night again watching videos and listening to records and playing accordian. (my new favourite instrument to play!) but also being told that a song by the faces was better than any song on sgt. pepper's (no way!) and that steve malkmus was referencing a chili peppers song in one of his songs (i didn't want to know that!!).

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  1. haha sippy cups!

    Yeah, that was simply one of the most amazing shows I've ever been to.

    We need to have a Zaireeka party, maybe at your new house?!!


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